Your Pug’s destructive chewing can wreck havoc around your home.

Destructive chewing creates numerous problems for both you and your pet. Often, he selects either your belongings or expensive items such as furniture to destroy. You wonder if he is trying to punish you. He selects your things, because they smell like you.

Your Pug loves to chew. Problems only develop when his chewing becomes destructive. Excessive or inappropriate chewing falls under destructive behavior.

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Your pet chews when bored, stressed, frustrated, teething, or just because it feels good. He sometimes chews just to release energy. Or, he may suffer from separation anxiety. Loneliness plays a big part in his inappropriate chewing. He misses you. He does not like to be alone.

It is important that you stop your pet from inappropriate chewing before it becomes a habit. You must redirect his excessive chewing by exchanging the chewed item with a favorite toy or treat.

Most Pugs form strong attachments to their owners. Often they suffer from separation anxiety when they leave.

You must be patient with your Pug. You must determine the reason behind his destructive chewing. Positive reinforcement is the most successful form of training. You should reward him for good behavior.

You should temporarily ignore the excessive chewing and reward good behavior. Do not respond to the destructive behavior. Paying attention to it only makes it worse. Punishing your animal tends to bring attention to the behavior.

Learn to praise him when he chews on an approximate toy. Avoid destructive chewing by providing acceptable alternatives.

Provide a lot of exercise for your little one. Keep him busy. Enroll him in puppy training classes. These classes help to deter behavior problems before they become serious or deeply established.

Supervision is very important. If you are not around, make sure that your pet is either in his crate or he does not have access to unacceptable items.

Never give your pet old articles of clothing or household items to chew on. He cannot distinguish between discarded items and a current expensive item.

When your little Pug chews something inappropriately say “No” in a sharp voice. Immediately substitute the item with a chew top. You do not want your pet to become bored. You should only give him a few toys at a time. You must change the toys every couple of days. When you rotate the toys, you keep him interested.

At no time should you chase the animal to retrieve the object. When you give chase, he thinks that you want to play. The chase becomes a game. He remembers this and will try to repeat the process.

Your Pug may out grow this excessive chewing stage. You cannot stop him from chewing. You can only control his destructive chewing. But, first you need to find out why he misbehaves.

You can entice your pet to choose a chew toy instead of an inappropriate article. Putting either peanut butter or cheese inside a “holler” chew toy makes the toy more appealing. When he chews on the toy, not only does he satisfy his urge to chew, but he gets a treat. He will enjoy the peanut butter better than an article of clothing.

You can also soak the chew toy in chicken broth. This adds flavor. The animal will love the taste. And, it keeps him out of trouble. You should praise him for chewing the toy. You could add some phrase like “good chew”. He gets your attention. He gets excited. Soon, he will prefer a chicken flavored chew instead of some tasteless object.

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